Our Founder Scott Lockwood representing Magnolias of Walterboro as the guest speaker at Walterboro Rotary Club meeting!

Scott had lunch and was the guest speaker today at the Walterboro Rotary Club meeting, Dogwood Hills Golf Club. Pictured with Scott are Jeff Molinari, City Manager of Walterboro/ Rotary President, and Moultrie Plowden, retired hospital administrator.

Scott spoke about the local and state response to COVID, supply chain issues early on, continued supply chain issues and the Post-COVID health care landscape.

Scott also announced a new initiative for 2022 to utilize local farms for produce. Citing the example of frozen onions imported from China; we can and should be sourcing much more of what we consume. The Farm to Pantry initiative is in the beginning stages for schools, health facilities and restaurants in the surrounding counties. Contact Scott at Magnolias if you know anyone who would be interested in joining.